Sep 3, 2011

Happy birthday to me.

Konaa woke me yesterday morning, coffee in hand. "Rise and shine, birthday girl."

He is way too damn cheerful. I am not a morning person. The coffee was tempting, but I would rather have lied in bed for another few hours.

He wasn't going to have that though. He shoved the coffee right under my nose: dark, bitter, Colombian - my favorite.

I muttered something profane and took the stupid coffee. That's when I noticed the package on the desk, tied with a blue ribbon. I groaned. "You got me a present?"

Of course he had. I shook it. Something small and probably metal knocked around inside. He was getting impatient at my overcautiousness, so I rolled my eyes and murderized the packaging tape.

I withdrew a locket from the box and held it up to the light. Konaa seemed nervous. It was kind of cute. "Well?" he goes.

It was pretty. A bit of a strange gift though. Naturally, it was empty. What am I gonna put in there?

I had him help me put it on. It's difficult to do clasps with one hand. "Thanks, June." Konaa twitched, but I laughed.

So it turns out there's a theme park not fifteen minutes from here. Guess what I did to celebrate being an "adult"?

I've got a lot to show you guys, I'll see if I can't get to a scanner of some sort soon.


  1. Thanks, Elaine.

    Here's to another year of being alive, I guess. Woo.

  2. I thought you deserved some happiness for your eighteenth. That's all.

  3. Happy birthday, dear. Here's hoping we can have another date soon.

  4. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I hope it's wonderful.

  5. Happy birthday, Ness. Here's to many more, eh?