Aug 9, 2011


The past year, before Konaa found me, I'd been wandering around the United States alone, trying to figure out who I'm supposed to be. Unfortunately, I haven't had much to go by besides the name on this fake I.D. and an old webhandle, which I've since changed - as Atalanta seems to have noticed - and a black stone which could be jade. There isn't much I can say I truly remember, but I've done my research.

A long time ago, a kind man gave me a Role. My only desire was to help in any way I could. There's no record of it anywhere, but there are a few, like Konaa, who recall my invented Title. But do I have a place in this mess, really? Was it wise to give me the hope that I could help any of you? Only sixteen, then, with no fucking clue what I was doing, no weapon or talent or skill aside from a bleeding heart. Zero (may he rest in peace) may have been a Sage, but what did any of us know about defeating the GENTLEMAN?

No, I shouldn't doubt him. He was a good and patient man, no matter what madness took hold of him in the end.

I fear now that I've misunderstood his intentions. While I was on the run, I was trying my best to actually help. Predictably, I've done shit. I don't have a Hero for you after all this time. They all failed the test. I've failed.

I'm sorry.

What should I have done? Why didn't Redlight kill me?


  1. You should stop clinging to a broken system and start looking for what will actually work, just like the rest of us. I tracked what Atalanta found. It's nice to meet you.

    Core Theory is dead. It never worked. I don't think it ever could have. Time to move on, Nessa.

  2. Don't be a bitch. It's all we've got.

    It's all I've got.

  3. And here I went to the trouble of keeping your secret! This hurts me, my dear. Hurts me deep down. I may have to "talk" to you about manners sometime...

  4. fuck


    Konaa's woken up, we're getting on the train now.

    Elaine, we had the community before, and what good did it do us then? Any more than now?

    Hell, Specter had a freaking army. That didn't stop Solstice night from going to shit.

  5. Rhodes, fuck off, unless you want me to remove the means with which you type that garbage.

    Yeah, we're gettin' on the train soon. Listen, Nes, you should trust Elaine. She's a bit bitchy sometimes (<3) but she's got a good heart, and I'd put my life in her hands.

    Right, packin' up the laptop. See ya'll later.

  6. I'll see you soon enough. Hopefully.

    Never lose hope, Nessa. It's not over until it's over.

  7. If we stop believing in fairytale nonsense and focus on ourselves and what we can do, we'd have a better chance. Just saying.

    And thanks, Konaa!

  8. Oh!

    So THIS was your secret! It's good to have you back~

    And your title...well, it means something to the people who care about it, so there's more than enough value in that. The roles were given to heroes. Assign to that what value you will. It's just a shame it doesn't mean anything to Him, seeing as that was the original objective.


  9. Sorry about that.

    Oh, and Elaine? Fairytale nonsense includes unicorns.

  10. ''Heroes are not born, but made. The strongest come from horrible tests.''

    Once I heard that from someone I appreciate. From what I read, you and others are just one step to became great people. A little yet painful step.

    Don't be sorry. You still dont have a fatal sin in you.

  11. From what we've been able to pick out of this Core Theory it sounds like poorly understood and implemented Dramaturgy.

    So poorly implemented you've completely subverted your own narratives and made the entity the hero.

    Oh well. We can fix it in the edit.